Grow Lights for Cannabis

LED grow lights

(Efficient, Long lasting, and put off low heat.)
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LED-grow-lightsLED lights are exploding into the pot growing market. Over the last few years the technology has made LED grow lights more available to the average grower. This is a very good thing considering LED lights are brighter, put off less heat, and use less electricity per watt than HPS and fluorescent bulbs. LED grow lights use as much as 70% less electricity! Not only will the large reduction in electricity mean cooler operating temperatures, but the more efficient distribution of light will further reduce heat levels. LED grow lights will put off less than 10% of the heat of a metal halid or a high pressure sodium light with comparable light output. LED lights will also maintain around 90% of their light output at 60,000 hours (most led lights) and typically have a rated life of around 100,000 hours!


CFL/ Fluorescent Grow Lights

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CFL (Compact Florescent Light) bulbs are the most affordable and actually offer a great spectrum for growing marijuana! Experts recommend a ‘daylight’ (5000k to 6500k) bulb for the vegetative state. We carry a variety of fluorescent and CFL bulbs perfect for growing cannabis. When your cannabis reaching it’s ‘flowering’ stage, a ‘warm white’ (2700k – 3000k) works better. This is the most common color bulb found in most home lighting. Using fluorescent bulbs to grow cannabis is perfect for those looking for a great way to grow 1-4 plants while saving money.


HPS (high pressure sodium) & Metal Halide Lights

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high-pressure-sodiumFor larger grow operations, the HPS lights are great for growing cannabis. Out of all the grow lights on the market, HPS bulbs put out the most heat so it’s important to consider the climate you’ll be growing in. During the budding stage of your marijuana plants, nothing beats HPS bulbs.They produce much higher yields, but shouldn’t be used for the entire growth stage of the plant.

Metal Halide grow lights put off a very intense light that marijuana plants especially love. Creating vigorous growth with dense green bushy leaves and strong branches. The problem is that most Metal Halide lights sold are not intended for horticulture. Buying the correct lights (from our store) will insure you pick up the best quality light for your plants.  Metal halide grow lights have a long life span of about two years with daily use of around 18 hours per day! They’re also 5 times more  energy efficient as regular incandescent bulbs.