LED Lights for growing Marijuana

The cannabis community has seen an invasion of LED lights flood the market. With this new technology come a lot of benefits and a lot of junk products. Fortunately Joe Blaze and some of our friends will help organize a list of the best LED lights for growing pot. These are either light we’ve used in our personal grow operations or close friends of ours have used and had great success.

LED lights are more energy efficient, smaller, and put off a better light spectrum for growing than any other type of grow light. Less power means less heat. With less heat, you can grow is small spaces without the danger of killing your plants. Smaller sizes means converting a closet into a grow room is more obtainable to smaller growers like medical marijuana users who want to grow for personal use. This was a big challenge for smaller marijuana growers who couldn’t ventilate the very hot HPS bulbs.
Why do we link to Amazon? Simple, price and ease of return. There are a lot of grow shops eager to sell you the same lights but unfortunately returns of defective items can be a nightmare.


TaoTranics LED Grow Light

led grow light

Available in 12w, 50w, 90w, and 165w. TaoTronics hydroponic blue/red LED grow lights. Low power consumption and low heat. I always recommend this grow light for beginners who are only growing 1-3 plants and don’t want to spend tons of money to get started growing.

Advanced Platinum Series DS200

Fine tuned to be efficient and effective at growing amazing buds. Comparable to a 400 watt HPS Grow Light, but using less than half the energy! If you’re growing with a tent then this light is a very smart buy! Turn on the veg light during the growing stage. Turn on both the flowering and veg lights during the bloom.

Apollo Horticulture Purple Sun

Advanced and compact, I love Apollo LED grown lights. From the quality of the materials (no cheap plastic here) to the Full spectrum light, this grow light will put your cannabis on a whole new level of quality. From Vegging to flowering, this light will grow amazing buds, save you energy, and won’t create excess heat.

BloomBoss Panel 32W LED Grow Light

If you’re thinking about getting into LED grow light and want to keep the cost down to test it out? Then this is a great first light! Covers 4 square feet and gives you full spectrum light that’s good from vegetation to blooming. Perfect for tents and one advantage to having multiple panels, is the ability to raise or lower individual panels to accommodate your different stages in plant growth.