Everything you’ll need to start growing Marijuana! The newest and best products!

We learned the tricks to the trade with the help of 100’s of the top experts in the field of Horticulture, specializing in growing Marijuana. What we’ve come up with is a list of the very best equipment to start growing pot! From special grow lights, soil, fertilizers/nutrients, hydroponic supplies, and more!  We’ve sorted through 1000’s of products to bring your the best of the best.  Marijuana is finally becoming welcomed more and more in the US and the demand for quality pot is rising!


Quality Grow lights

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marijuana grow lightsGreat lighting is vital to a healthy plant. Marijuana experts have varying opinions when it comes to which lights to buy for you plants. Metal halide and high pressure sodium lights put off large amounts of heat and consume lots of energy. This can be undesirable in hotter climates where there’s a battle going on between the lights and the air conditioning. Fortunately technology is starting to allow LED grow lights to take over with extremely high lumen output with very little heat and very low amounts of energy. It’s been a challenge for LED lights to match the light output of Fluorescent, HPS, and Metal Halide lights but there’s finally a few quality brands that give marijuana growers more options. In my opinion, LED lighting is the way to go for small to medium sized grow operations.

Fertilizer & Soil for Marijuana

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marijuana-hydroponics-fertilizerSupplying your marijuana plats with the right fertilizer and nutrients will insure maximum yields, flowering, bud development, and root growth. Just like any other plant, Marijuana needs nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Choosing the right brand can be the difference between an amazing grow and a wilted yellowing plant that wont bud. Shop everything you need for the four phases of growing marijuana, from germination, vegetative, flowering, and pre-harvest phase.

Grow Tents

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marijuana-grow-tentThe main benefits to growing Marijuana in a tent is it’s Efficiency. Tents are designed to reflect every bit of light onto your plants, ultimatly reducing waisted light energy. They reduce odors. Anyone who’s grown pot before knows how incredibly pungent a healthy budding plant can get. It will provide your plants with fresh air through air vents. This is essential for anyone using a carbon filter air purification system. Carbon does an excellent job at removing the smell and putting out free “odor free” air. A tent will reduce marijuana pest infestations. What better way to keep a sterile bug free environment?

Marijuana Accessories

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marijuana-suppliesFrom weighing out your buds with a precise scale, controlling the odor of your weed, monitoring the humidity, rolling joints with premium papers, and many more! You’ll find the most popular accessories for everything Marijuana related.